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#doyogasavecorals! That is as simple as it gets. We are at this very moment transplanting healthy and colourful corals off the coasts of Flores Sea, Indonesia. These reefs are the result of the engagement and moves of all the yogis and yoginis coming to SHE OCEAN YOGA classes and events.



SHE OCEAN YOGA was created to bring back biodiversity to our ocean´s coral reefs and to inspire and awaken the energy of the elemental force of creativity within. Reconnecting to the element of water with powerfully sacred yoga elements while growing real life corals? Our vision is exactly that, the empowerment of yogis and yoginis, to allow for their yoga moves to evolve into transformative energy that will help sustain the beauty of our Planet Earth.




Manuela´s past as a dancer taught her the art of intentional body movement. She takes her first yoga class as a freshman during her studies, leading her to discover the ease in a creative yoga flow. Dedicated to learn how to contribute to the greater good, our society and planet - while moving from a point of ease within - she spends her early 20s living in Spain, Brussels and Austria. After her postgraduate studies in International Health Care and Social Management in Innsbruck, Manuela moves to Prague where she expands her knowledge in Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga and traditional meditation techniques. Later on Manuela decides to do her yoga teacher training in India, where she deepens her studies in Vinyasa, Hatha and in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. Her love for traveling brings her to some of the most beautiful places like Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Bali and Martinique . She also travels through large parts of Europe and then decides to move to Vienna where she teams up with her sister Carmen to share her passion for yoga and marine protection projects with others.







Her yoga practice helps Carmen to unfold her physical and mental potential. As a free spirit, artist and world traveler she has seen some of the most remote parts of the world. She starts her world travel 2015 in India. In the coming years she travels to several nations, from Europe to Asia to South - and North America and South Africa. Carmen spends a few weeks in an Ashram in Kerala and studies the principles of karma yoga. Later she moves to Bali and deepens her knowledge of Hatha Yoga. She did her yoga teacher training in Colombia where she studies the art of pranayama, meditation and ayurveda. In Peru she completes the Yoga Therapy teacher training. On her travels Carmen shares her knowledge and passion for the yogic lifestyle with others. Her collaborations bring her to England and finally back to Austria where she works with local yoga studios and offers workshops in several states.

The sisters grew up in a family of scuba divers and started diving at the age of 12 and 14. They witnessed the change of our coral reefs in the last 15 years and founden SHE OCEAN YOGA beacause of their love for the ocean.

"She Ocean Yoga is empowering you to become flow through the art of listening to your heartbeat."

(Carmen, Bali 2015)