Do you know that feeling of longing for the ocean, for diving and swimming and surfing and connecting to that mother element? Are you aware, that you don't have to dive into the materialized ocean to feel held by her? Just like you don't need to go on a vacation to feel rested and at peace. The ocean is something eternal and also something internal. Something that has always been and has also always been inside you. You can connect to that power within at any time anywhere and feel nourished and whole. To reconnect to the water means to reconnect to yourself. To activate the ocean within you means to emerge as the real you, with your highest vibration and a new point of view. OCEAN ACTIVATION means to activate your true self and all that comes with it. It means surrendering to who you really are.

It's a process...but she's always there to be of service. And so are we! We love to help you activate your inner waters.



To be deeply connected with your inner waters and, as a result, also be connected to your heart's energy, means your whole body and all of your mind are in coherence. Everything's in a state of natural flow ... like ocean waves. Your energy isn´t randomly getting lost anymore, it´s consciously guided. This makes every day life easier and helps us face challenges with a calm mind and a strong heart. 



To be connected to water brings out a flood of gratefulness in me. I start relaxing and I can feel a gentle smile on my face. To be grateful means that you're in a state of receiving. Your mind, your body and your genes are ready to receive the treasures that the flowing river of energy carries towards you. This state is what we want to practice.  This ocean of abundance is a place within you and also all around you. To get to this place we work with


• YOGA - Yoga is the ideal body work for activating your ocean energy and also for activating your chakras.
• MEDITATION - The energy that comes from your anahata [♡] chakra is so pure, it can transform your movement into a truly divine experience.
• PRANAYAMA -  Conscious breathing helps you guide prana [life force] through your whole body and activate your heart.
The human body is mostly water and so is our brain. Water reacts to vibration and the above pracitses are highly vibrating ones.

You can connect to your inner water anywhere, anytime. You don´t have to physically be at the water (although it does help). Just surrender to the flow of your breath, the drops of consciousness and the ocean of abundance within. We love to support you and walk some of your journey with you. Please contact us for more info or head over to our bookings page and reserve a private OCEAN ACTIVATION online yoga class or guided meditation.


💙 Try one of our favourite OCEAN ACTIVATION EXERCISE 💙


• put on your favourite kick ass yoga tune (e.g. Ilaló ft. Mateo Kingman - Chancha Via Circuito)
• take a few moments to let your breathing get deeper and start to consciously breathe into your heart space: visualize your hearts energy and let it spread into your body
•start expressing that energy with creative body movement (you can keep your eyes closed)
•slowly transform your movement into any Surya Namaskar variation