We are Carmen and Manuela, two sisters behind SHE OCEAN YOGA. With SHE OCEAN YOGA we are
growing healthy, colorful coral reefs with each of our SOY Yogis and Yoginis asana move. Growing up
in a divers family we were introduced to marine life at a very young age. Diving through the colorful
bioderversity of the red sea was a mindblowing experience. We saw the most beautiful creatures
like hammerhead sharks, manta reys, dolphins and turtles. CORAL REEFS are the main refuge for
marine creatures to rest, breed and eat. ¼ of all known marine life call coral reefs their home. Still,
only 0,1% of ocean areas are occupied by coral reefs. The marine eco system is delicate. A decrease
in marine coral reefs results in a disharmony for the greater ocean life cycle. Yet, as of 2019, 50% of
the Great Barrier Reef is declared dead due to coral bleeching. We are taking an active part in the
solution of one of our generation´s biggest environmental challenge – to sustain ocean´s health by
grwoing helahty coral reefs.

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    Susi Sunshine (Wednesday, 21 August 2019 09:10)

    Hi Manuela!
    I am happy to see you again soon at the charity flow! <3 I love the project and do yoga on a regular basis. Feels sooo good, last time when we did yoga in the park I felt like light as a snowflake. Can´t wait to see the photos from your trip to the ocean concervation site in Indonesia! Un besazzzzoo!! S

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    Ela Jeey (Wednesday, 21 August 2019)

    Hi Suuuz! Thanks for your comment. I feel you, had such a good time biking home after teaching light as a sunbeam xx YES we will keep you posted on the progress of our project. During Autumn 19 the first SHE OCEAN YOGA coral reef will come to live. So excited!! More to come on our collaboration partners here on our Website, stay tuned! Much Love xo