Upcoming Events

2020 will be an exciting year for SHE OCEAN YOGA. We have a lot of workshops and events planed but also travels and meeting with our collaboration partners. Stay posted for more info.

There will be another charity flow in Vienna in 2020. Watch this space for more info ♡

Do you want to co-host our next event?

If you want to become an active part in helping our oceans, you might be interested in co-hosting our next event?


feel free to contact us if you have any questions



 The Charity Flow we organized in Vienna was definitely a highlight of 2019. We are endlessly grateful for all the support we got from our customers and our partners. It was a very special evening for us and we want to thank everyone again for showing up and for your kind donations. Watch this space for mor info on our soon to be build SHE OCEAN YOGA CORAL REEF


A personal highlight was for sure the synchronicity that we were able to experience in the last few months. Eivery step of the way, despite working hard, has felt light and full of ease.


"Everything the soul desires shall be received"

-Khalil Gibran



Growing with our project every step of the way was the most amazing experience. We are so happy to get all the support and positive feedback for our work and can´t wait for the next steps!